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Why CPA's Need Benchmark

CPAs need to offer services to small businesses at competitive rates and Benchmark’s expertise helps by offering small business bookkeeping services at affordable rates. As any small business owner knows, there’s never enough time in the day to do everything yourself! Between schmoozing clients, brewing up new marketing schemes, and putting out daily fires, who has time to balance the books? That’s where Benchmark comes in - we’re the bookkeeping backup your business needs to stop pulling out what’s left of your hair.

Small businesses typically need to allocate available time and resources to more exciting tasks than data entry and filing, so they outsource the number crunching to us cool cats at Benchmark. There are always financial and tax issues, employee benefits blunders, tech troubles, and countless other business boo-boos getting in the way of what you do best. But have no fear - CPA firms, when they partner up with Benchmark, can help solve all your problems so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Benchmark delivers a proven approach to enable our clients to focus resources and attention on core business operations and growth initiatives. When considering expenses like salary, benefits, payroll taxes, paid time off and other costs associated with an in-house bookkeeper, outsourcing accounting functions to Benchmark provides clear financial benefits. We can guarantee that if CPA's engage with Benchmark, they can expect to achieve a substantial 50-60% reduction in monthly expenses for their bookkeeping services.

Benchmark utilize accounting packages geared towards small business clients such as QuickBooks, Sage, Accounting Power, Dillner's Accounting Tools, Thomson Reuters, Xero, and others. Should you require the use of alternative software, our team is committed to acquiring new expertise promptly. We aim to begin utilizing any requested platform within a short period to ensure seamless service.

As a trusted partner dedicated to cost-effective solutions, we look forward to discussing how we can best support your business's accounting needs.

What you Get with Benchmark


Downloading Source documents from bank login's, If needed

Import/Enter all the Bank & Credit card transactions

Classify the transaction with the proper accounts

Complete all Reconciliations. Like Bank, Credit Card and Loan

Record the Journal entries if applicable, for instance Sales, Payroll, Loan, Depreciation and amortizations

Receiving the Invoices & Paying the bills

Import the invoices and bills by using Bill.com and Dext,If needed

Track all monthly income, expenses, Loans, other accounts and review monthly financials

Generate the statements of Income statement, Balance sheet, trial balance, General ledger and deliver for your final review

Give an detailed notes and clarification. Then, after your confirmation, will make changes in the books

Link your accounts securely, and we'll introduce you to an expert bookkeeper who's dedicated to supporting you. They'll become intimately familiar with your business and guide you through how Benchmark can greatly benefit your financial health.

We offer you up-to-the-minute updates on your incoming and outgoing funds, providing a swift overview of your financial standing at any moment, even prior to finalizing your accounts

How Benchmark Works

Bookkeeping can be a pain, but not with Benchmark! Our skilled accountants will maintain order in your business transactions, ensure accuracy in your financial statements, and will only contact you if necessary. Leave the rest to us!

Don't allow tax season to overwhelm you. Benchmark provides tax-prepared financials directly to your door, making filing a breeze. Alternatively, if you'd rather, let our professionals take care of everything for you. In any case, we're here to support you!

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